"Abstract Narrative Twenty"
This video shows my accordion-style book, "Abstract Narrative Twenty", as one would see it while sitting down with the book in hand, paging through the images.

Presentation of "Abstract Narratives No. 12, 2, and 14"
The presentation videos are a new (for me) way of presenting my work. These videos comprise images from my multiple panel works or books. The images are related and sequenced, but instead of the viewer experiencing the sequence in a framed multiple-panel piece or a bound book, where the eye can travel at leisure back and forth in the sequence, the images melt into each other over time. The elements of memory, movement and time are added to the experience of taking in the work.

Presentation of Nature-based Abstraction Books

Presentation of Waterfall Book Images

Overview of my works on paper
In this video, I explain the evolution of my works on paper, beginning with one of my first monotypes, done in 1992.

How I make my multiple-panel "Abstract Narratives"
In this video, I explain how I make my multiple-panel "Abstract Narratives". When I made this video, it was my intention to bind all of these multiple panel pieces into books. I have since decided to present some of them framed, for immediate panoramic impact.